Chrome OS

Chrome is here to take over your K-12 experience. Chrome OS is a more affordable solution for classrooms for everything from Chromebooks to Digital Signage. ScholarBuys has the best solutions at discounted prices for your Chrome life. Utilize these products and services to simplify your classroom and extend your abilities as a school.

Chromebook Bundles

ScholarBuys has everything you need to start utilizing Chromebooks in your classroom. This bundle is complete with devices, software, storage, and charging. Learn more...

Digital Signage

Digital Signage can be used for announcements, cafeteria menus, and emergency alerts. Our bundle has everything you need to easily create and manage content on your signage powered by Chrome OS.¬†Learn more….

Professional Development

Professional Development is important for both Educators and IT Staff. ScholarBuys has a variety of services to fit your school’s needs.¬†Services extend from deployment to utilizing the Google Management License and using Google tools in your classroom. Learn more…