Digital 1:1 Learning is here.

Using technology to deliver personalized coursework is increasingly essential if K-12 educators, technology coordinators and principals are to maximize student learning outcomes. According to recent research from Lenovo, schools that have embraced personalized, technology-supported learning strategies–often described as “1-to-1” learning programs–are outperforming their counterparts.

The Future of 1:1 Learning – Improving Student Outcomes with Technology

Technology can impact personalized and student-centered learning in three ways:

  1. Connects educators to an expanding universe of content, instructional tools, and assessments ideal for building challenging, multi-mode curricula
  2. Links students to that same rich universe, with tools to create their own content
  3.  Empowers teachers and administrators to design individualized curricula that can be easily, centrally managed

ScholarBuys can help you improve your digital readiness with education-built products, solutions, and services. In addition to supercharging the classroom, technology lowers the cost of building, delivering, and assessing student learning.

1:1 Software

ScholarBuys specializes in software solutions ready for your 1:1 initiative. Popular solutions include Microsoft, Adobe, GoGuardian, and Google. Click to Learn More.

1:1 Classroom Devices

At the center of any 1:1 computing initiative is the device you choose to implement in your classroom.  ScholarBuys offers the latest Chromebook and Windows devices from Lenovo, Microsoft, Dell, HP and more. Click to Learn More.

1:1 Device Accessories

It is critical that your 1:1 devices are charged, protected and ready to use each day in the classroom. Let ScholarBuys help you choose from the myriad of accessory options that can maximize your 1:1 experience. Click to Learn More.

1:1 Wireless Solutions

Making sure your campus network provides fast and reliable access will be vital for the success of your 1:1 initiative. It is also critical that your network’s internet access is filtered for safe content. ScholarBuys can help you decide which WiFi solution best suites your school’s needs. Click to Learn More.