Grant Writing

Make grants a part of your budget this school year. Grants help provide a budget for needed equipment and services and allows for development of your institution’s technology.


Receiving a grant can expand your institution’s budget, or create a budget if you don’t have one for technology. Help your institution reach it’s mission and prepare students for college and beyond with the proper technology. Grants can help you get new technology into the hands of more students and help your faculty teach.


Grants can empower your institution to expand it’s reach in ways that may not have been possible otherwise. You may have allocated money for certain technology, but a grant can help you either buy better technology, more to cover more students, or new technology you may have not considered utilizing previously due to budget constraints. Allow your institution to advance.


Writing a grant allows your institution to document your strategy for growth and utilization of funds that may not otherwise be documented. Requesting grants not only expands your budget and helps the school, but allows your administration to properly document allocation of funds.

Grant Writing Services

Funding Opportunity Report: A Comprehensive Funding Opportunity Report and a one-hour consultative call with a Grants Development Consultant to review the report

Proposal Development: Full development of a grant proposal by a grant writer

Proposal Review: Two rounds of comprehensive proposal review

Grants Support: An annual agreement to provide unlimited funder research, grants strategy consultation, and proposal review