With a simplified way to easily manage your endpoints inside or outside the network, Kaspersky’s unique solutions provide you with premium protection at work, at home, or on the road.

Unmatched Threat Protection

Leading independent test labs consistently rate Kaspersky best-incategory for protection against known and zero day malware including: viruses, Trojans, worms, spyware, rootkits, hackers, phishing, and spam.

Easy To Manage

Kaspersky provides automated installation and updating, reducing management time. All our products can be managed and maintained from one central console. Best of all, it’s easily customizable to support your current security policies.

Quickest Threat Response

As new malware is released, systems have a window of exposure where they are unprotected until malware vendors release signatures to mitigate the threat. During this window of exposure they rely on heuristic engines to identify and block the threat. Kaspersky leads the industry in identify and responding to new threats faster than anyone else, reducing the window of exposure to new threats and providing the most up-to-date protection available (AV-Test.org, March 2009).

Minimal Footprint

Kaspersky protection is optimized for the lowest possible impact on system resources, ensuring that premium protection does not come at a cost of user productivity. Kaspersky protection runs in the background, virtually undetectable to the user as they work.

  • Average endpoint installation package = 31MB
  • Normal run mode requires less than 10% CPU utilization – 9MB RAM

Scanning Performance

Kaspersky’s anti-malware engine uses several technologies to deliver scanning performance that’s over 27 MB/second (Cascadia Labs Report, December 2009). You’ll get unsurpassed protection while maintaining functionality. What’s more, our anti-malware solution dynamically concedes resources to your applications to prevent any impact on system performance. Once the system becomes idle, the Kaspersky solution quickly and efficiently finishes the system scan. In the process, our patented iChecker and iSwift technologies limit file scanning to only new and modified files, increasing scanning efficiency and saving system resources.

Frequent Signature Updates

In 2009 there were over 30,000 new threats being analyzed per day, resulting in over 3,500 signatures being released per day. Updating signatures once per day can result in huge processing delays for workstations, creating a productivity problem for employees. Kaspersky Lab sends hourly updates to increase protection on corporate systems, reduce risks to the corporate network and minimize performance issues on production systems. Kaspersky leads the security industry by releasing over 600 signature updates per month, almost one per hour. Each update is less than 50 Kb in size, minimizing impact on system resources and bandwidth utilization.