The number of mobile users is growing exponentially, and along with it are the demands for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) solutions. Making your campus network accessible for the multitude of mobile devices is vital for the success of your students and faculty. Because the BYOD movement is reshaping the way IT is purchased, managed, and secured, and as BYOD demands rise, IT departments find themselves faced with innumerable challenges. ScholarBuys’ expert staff can help your institution easily keep pace with BYOD requirements.


Adhere to campus security policies and standards while maintaining compliance with academic requirements and regulations. Use our MDM offering to:

  • Control the devices coming into your network
  • Monitor for threats and vulnerabilities
  • Protect private data
  • Secure access to applications


Advance troubleshooting and quickly address security threats. The functionality of your device control allows you to back-up, restore and lockdown devices, as well as provide configuration and settings updates. Also gain access to advanced reporting where you can view real-time data, and customize reports to enhance planning and budgeting.


ScholarBuys can help your institution stay connected by configuring access to all your email, contacts, calendars, and other essential communication tools. Enable the management of your operating systems using existing Windows-based processes and extend Active Directory services to UNIX, Linux and Mac systems and applications.

Whether your faculty or students use laptops, smartphones or tablets, ScholarBuys MDM solutions will equip your academic institution with the technology needed to support the BYOD movement. Contact us today and learn how we can assist you.