SentinelOne Endpoint Protection for Education

The SentinelOne Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP) unifies prevention, detection, and response in a single agent powered by machine learning and automation across all major vectors. Security and automation are universally important, but particularly for academic institutions where staff is limited to manage the day-to-day complexities. SentinelOne’s EPP provides complete visibility into the endpoint with policy-driven capabilities that saves your time.

With a common focus on protecting customers, SentinelOne and ScholarBuys have partnered to provide academic institutions, both large and small, to get the ease-of-mind of deploying a turn-key solution that combats against various threats in today’s threat landscape. Schools can focus on what they are meant to: teaching and emboldening our next-generation of youth through technology and innovation.


  • Autonomous multi-layered prevention that covers all attack vectors, even when offline
  • Machine learning technology that does not rely on signatures and does not require daily/weekly updates or recurring scans
  • Mitigation of the full context of malicious activity, reducing time and cost of fixing infected devices
  • Provide the right forensics. Blocking is not enough. Know where your threats came from and what they were trying to do


  • Cross-platform visibility into endpoints- we go beyond the limits of EPP and EDR with the value added capabilities such as IT hygiene data
  • Visibility into encrypted traffic- because all users are exposed to phising and 70% of web traffic is encrypted
  • Visibility on all applications and running processes


  • One lightweight agent provides the following functionality-
    • EPP
    • EDR
    • HIPS
    • File Integrity Monitoring
    • Vulnerability/Risk Management
  • Managed console hosted in the cloud, on-premise, or in a hybrid model
  • Higher efficacy, lower system impact, and an optimal end-user experience



  • The SentinelOne platform is built with a API-first approach and has many integrations
  • Automatically isolate infected devices and immunize the remaining of the endpoint estate
  • Recover files in the highly unlikely case of ransomware