As schools expand access to online educational resources, information security is absolutely fundamental. Where online reference material, assignments, lessons, collaboration, and rich multimedia content were once an exception, they are increasingly part of the teaching practice. With many higher education institutions offering fully virtual learning environments, and with states mandating many K-12 schools to provide one or more online classes before graduation, no school can be without best-in-class protections for students and administrators.

Symantec Academic Programs

To meet these demands, Symantec developed a program specifically to help academia protect information while managing and securing their infrastructure. Their education licensing program combines the essential solutions needed to support the growing technological demands of academia. Please contact your ScholarBuys Account Manager to learn more.

ScholarBuys has a wealth of knowledge and experience in Symantec Academic Benefits. We are focused exclusively on the education market. Our academic licensing experts will explain all of your options so you can choose the solution that will be your institution’s best choice for the investment.