Education institutions of all types are evolving to meet the needs of learners and workers who expect mobile access to everything they need to do their work. Education is changing alongside technology as remote learning has become critical not only to empowering students, but also to changing methods of teaching. VMware provides technology that helps educators teach in innovative ways, administrators secure data, and institutions reduce cost. With VMware technology, educators get technology out of the way so that teaching can focus on deeper learning. ScholarBuys will bridge the gap between you and VMware from the start of your project, to finish. We have expert level knowledge of education and volume license agreements.

VMware Solutions

Transform Security and Compliance

Preventing data theft and system intrusion to steal personally identifiable information (PII) and intellectual property (IP) from academic institutions has become a campus IT imperative. VMware provides a holistic approach that transforms security and streamlines compliance by providing a ubiquitous software layer across application infrastructure and endpoints. The end-to-end solution enables campus IT teams to reduce risks, lower costs, and better protect their data and reputations.


  • A holistic approach to strengthen campus-wide IT security
  • Distributed and integrated security functions across the data center
  • Identity and endpoint security for BYOD initiatives
  • Streamlined compliance

Integrate Hybrid Cloud to Innovate in Education

Modern, cloud-friendly infrastructure enables higher education institutions to rapidly adapt to changing learning, teaching, and business demands. The VMware Cross-Cloud Architecture drives the digital agenda by providing a simple way to run, manage, connect, and secure apps across clouds and devices in a common operating environment- giving campus IT teams the freedom to innovate across clouds.



  • Scale quickly to meet changing learning and staff needs
  • Speed app development and deployment
  • Lower operational costs by simplifying cloud management across clouds
  • Choose the right cloud for the right workload- without compromising security and complicance

Empower the Digital Workspace for Higher Education

Mobility is changing education. The consumerization of IT has campus IT staff re-imagining how digital learning and resources can be delivered anytime, anywhere, on any device. The VMware Secure Digital Backpack stays with students throughout their day, empowering limitless learning by providing exceptional experiences and a personalized experience.



  • Enable limitless learning
  • Simplify IT, boosting efficiency
  • Reduce costs

Modernize Higher Education Data Centers

Digital advances are transforming the delivery of higher education, requiring campuses to evolve aging IT learning infrastructure and manual processes to modern, automated platforms that enable anytime, anywhere, on any device learning. Campus IT teams can move beyond server consolidation to further reduce costs while increasing operational efficiencies using virtualized storage and networking in a software-defined data center with a common operational model across clouds. The VMware Cross-Cloud Architecture increases IT agility by improving infrastructure and application performance, reliability, availability, and scalability while protecting against threats.



  • Attract and retain student and faculty talent with robust digital learning environments
  • Reduce IT complexity and costs
  • Increase campus IT agility by broadening IT automation

Together with VMware, ScholarBuys can help your school meet the demands for the balance of control and flexibility that is vital for your institution’s success.

Enable a cost-efficient, agile server environment and simplify the provisioning of IT resources and applications by making them available for consumption in minutes. If you’re ready to see how ScholarBuys and VMware can give you 80% greater utilization of server resources with up to 50% savings in capital and operating costs, contact your Academic Technology Expert today!