IT departments need to implement server virtualization without increased complexity or costs while simultaneously supporting the growing needs of students and staff. Server Virtualization is VMware’s leading solution, and they have numerous options available that can drastically impact your faculty and student body.

ScholarBuys and VMware can help you


  • Manage an entire virtual infrastructure from a single point of control
  • Automate the Virtual Infrastructure and reduce downtime by eliminating repetitive configuration and maintenance tasks
  • Reduce hardware requirements and energy consumption without sacrificing reliability or service levels

Together with VMware, ScholarBuys can help your school meet the demands for the balance of control and flexibility that is vital for your institution’s success.

Enable a cost-efficient, agile server environment and simplify the provisioning of IT resources and applications by making them available for consumption in minutes. If you’re ready to see how ScholarBuys and VMware can give you 80% greater utilization of server resources with up to 50% savings in capital and operating costs, contact your Academic Technology Expert today!

Benefits of Purchasing VMware with ScholarBuys

When you work with ScholarBuys, you get a connected team. We bridge the gap between you and VMware from the start of your project, to finish. We have expert level knowledge of education and volume license agreements. We can help your institution save money. Read more on how we helped one consortia not only save money, but also upgrade their VMware offering!