Waterproof ASUS Chromebook

Image of Asus logo

If you have seen our previous video on the ASUS C202SA Chromebook, then this post is for you! This Chromebook was built for education and was designed with many features to make it a durable device for the classroom. We put one of these features to the test.


The ASUS C202SA Chromebook repels liquid up to 66cc! The liquid is channeled through the keyboard so it comes out the sides and avoids any major electronic components that would be otherwise compromised. The Chromebook contains other features that help stand the test of time in the classroom including being drop resistant from up to 3.9 feet, having a reinforced rubber edge, and grips on the back to prevent drops. The internal components of the Chromebook can be dismantled in four easy steps.

If you are interested in this Chromebook and would like a quote for your classroom, please contact your Academic Technology Expert!
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