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Chromebooks play an important role in the classroom, helping 50 million students and teachers learn and collaborate from wherever they are. So as the education world adjusts to new changes, especially when it comes to virtual learning, our devices should too. Teachers need more powerful machines to help them plan and share lessons, manage student performance and teach both remotely and in person; IT teams need devices they can easily repair, repurpose and upgrade; and students need ones that keep their personal and school data safe, and can easily fit into a backpack.

Chromebook Solutions



Acer offers schools and education customers Chromebooks for Education that can be easily deployed and managed. For 40 million Chromebook users worldwide, Acer is helping schools boost student learning.


ASUS Chromebooks are purpose-built for students and schools. They enable every leader to bring innovation to their schools at scale, empowers educators by giving them simple, assistive tools, and equips every student with the tools and skills they need to be successful.

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HP Chromebooks allow students to easily access their data, assignments, apps, and resources on these rugged devices. These lightweight, affordable, and innovative laptops have earned a reputation for being the quintessential classroom tech.


Lenovo Chromebooks are ideal laptops for students studying at school or from the comfort of their own homes. Chromebooks provide a hassle-free learning experience because they’re built to be simple and secure to maximize productivity.



For nearly a decade, Samsung has worked with school districts to equip students and teachers for digital learning. Samsung strives to help elevate the learning experience, wherever your students are.

Why Chromebooks?

Google Chromebooks are revolutionizing the way schools teach in the classroom. Designed for users functioning in a mobile and interactive environment, Google Chromebooks are a perfect fit for the classroom. Schools no longer need to purchase the same software licenses, servers, security solutions, and maintenance plans, so the total cost of owning a Chromebook can be dramatically lower than the ownership of a traditional computer.


Chromebooks dramatically reduce the cost of ownership and the management overhead compared with traditional PC’s. Not only are Chromebook units more affordable than traditional notebooks, the time and money you will NOT spend on deployment, management and support is a huge bonus. Chromebooks put money back in your budget

Easy to Manage

Manage 10 or 10,000 Chromebooks with ease. The web-based Google Management Console, purchased separately, makes it easy for a school IT administrator to configure a fleet of Chromebooks. Using the console, IT can remotely manage devices, users, apps, and policies across classrooms, a school, or a district. This solution helps to eliminate time intensive tasks like imaging, dating OS, installing patches, and data recovery.


Perfect for Sharing

Chromebooks are lightweight, instant-on devices, fast to use and don’t slow down over time. Chromebooks do not use a large internal hard drive. Chromebooks not only deliver extended battery life, but will help safeguard your most important of files. They have built-in security, so you are protected against viruses and malware. No OS patching is required. All data is encrypted.

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