Esports in Schools

Both K-12 and Higher Education institutions are beginning to realize the potential of adding esports to their curriculum or as a varsity sport. Not only does esports support student-athlete engagement, but the K12 experience prepares for life in higher education and beyond.


Prebuilt Machines

All prebuilt systems offer a warranty and are designed for competitive gaming with specifications recommended based upon the games being played and level of completion being participated in. Prebuilt systems may also be upgraded through graphics cards and storage space rather than being replaced entirely.

These machines are specifically built for high-end performance. They contain the perfect mix of gaming hardware. These also come with details on the performance and games tested on the computer, offering gamers unmatched info on the potential of the PC. 

A prebuilt machine can also save time, money, and hassle. While some enthusiasts prefer building their own gaming system from scratch, you need days, if not months, to research, source components, and assemble everything. With a built to order option, you pass over such hassles and get the exact kind of video game experience you want. Everything is done for you, including testing the hardware.


Customizing a gaming system offers more control of your components to reach any desirable gaming level wanted. Additionally, if you are using a STEM grant or if esports is part of your STEM curriculum you can purchase the standalone parts and have the student athletes build them. Some examples of hardware components include:



Gaming peripherals are input-output devices that assist players to interact with video games. It is safe to say that these items are not just accessories – without them, our characters cannot function.

Gaming Chairs

Esports League

The High School Esports League has an official STEM accreditation for competitions and their live video game curriculum. Scholastic gaming is the bridge educators need to connect students with STEM and future success through the lens of something they love: video games. This STEM accreditation gives your school access to grand and funding opportunities that you can apply for to cover the cost of offering Esports at your school.

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