Choosing the right Microsoft Volume Licensing solution for your school can make licensing your Microsoft products and services easier and less expensive. However, choosing from one of the many different licensing models that Microsoft offers can be a confusing process. Let the licensing experts from ScholarBuys make it easy.

The Microsoft Volume Licensing solution that is best for you depends on the size and type of your institution and how you want to acquire Microsoft products and services. There are two types of licensing solutions: subscription and perpetual. Whether you’re better off with a subscription licensing solution or perpetual, our licensing experts can advise you on the best choice. Contact us today and let us help.

Microsoft Subscription Licensing

Subscription based licensing programs provide your institution the rights to use the products that you license. Additionally, this licensing model will cover upgrades and downgrades throughout the license subscription term.

Subscription licensing is a good choice for institutions that want:

  • The latest Microsoft technology at the lowest upfront cost
  • The convenience of counting employees (known as Education Qualified Users) over computers once per year
  • Ease in compliance knowing all users or computers are licensed for the year
  • Automatic Software Assurance coverage

Microsoft Perpetual Licensing

Perpetual based licensing programs allow you to purchase software licenses on an as needed basis. Your institution will have continuous rights to the software purchased via this model.

Perpetual licensing is a good choice for institutions that want:

  • Ownership of their Microsoft licenses
  • Transactional purchases of licenses in specific quantities
  • Optional Software Assurance coverage
  • Finite coverage of a specific Microsoft product

ScholarBuys has a wealth of knowledge and experience in Microsoft Volume Licensing. We are focused exclusively on the education market. Our academic licensing experts will explain all of your options so you can choose the Microsoft solution that will be your institution’s best choice for the investment.