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Microsoft is committed to Education and supports lifelong learning through a variety of free training and resource programs. The Microsoft Customer Success Training (CST) Program is accessible to ScholarBuys customers and provides group & personalized remote training* for K-12 and Higher Education organizations. These programs compliment other partner, community, and Microsoft Education team led learning, certifications, and skills development offerings. Our free training catalog includes, but is not limited to, the following:

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Professional Development
Explore Professional Development
ScholarBuys has a wealth of knowledge and experience in Microsoft Volume Licensing. Our academic licensing experts will explain all of your options so you can choose the Microsoft solution that will be your institution’s best choice for the investment.
Education Market Focus
We are committed exclusively to the United States education market. Let us leverage our experience to maximize your budget and find the right solution for your school.
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Procurement Expertise
Our team of experts will help your institution navigate fiscal cycles and financing while leveraging any available group purchasing programs.
Service Oriented
The ScholarBuys team builds long lasting relationships based on quality, satisfaction and attention to detail.

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At ScholarBuys, we pride ourselves on not only bringing you a great price that is budget conscious, but more importantly, we provide the highest level of customer service in the industry. We understand the unique needs of the education market and we are looking for strategic partners where we can enhance the level of education that they are able to provide to their student body. Please let us know how we can help you succeed.

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