Veeam for Education

Colleges and Universities need to keep up with the digital life of their constituents. Perhaps the most critical challenge is to ensure business continuity. If apps are not available, if records are not secure, if there is any downtime at all, higher education institutions risk losing relevance, revenue, and credibility. Veeam, along with the ScholarBuys team, can help your institution continue operations as normal, all while empowering your school.

The world for educational institutions is being redefined as data is soaring exponentially each year, data protection regulations increase, business critical applications-demand is growing, and consumers and businesses are adopting new technologies across multiple devices with the expectation of 24/7/365 access. In the unfortunate circumstance of lost or compromised data, the consequences can be devastating for the institution’s business, faculty, advisors and students.

Non-stop Business Continuity

The academic world is vulnerable to data loss and operational interruptions due to accidental deletion of files, unplanned events and even major disasters. Higher education IT infrastructure needs to support, protect, and recover data and applications for both the business and academic divisions.

Veeam enables any business to deliver the Digital Life experience users expect by providing backup, recovery, replication and continuous data protection (CDP) for any workload, be it on-premises or cloud.

Digital Transformation Agility

Higher education institutions operate increasingly complex infrastructures that must combine flexibility and stability to support applications, student information, academic records and administrative data.

With Veeam’s easy, secure and reliable cross-cloud data management and migration in a multi-cloud environment, you can choose your cloud your way to meet your needs.

Analytics and Visibility

Educational institutions are just as vulnerable to data breaches and compliance violations as Fortune 500 companies.

Veeam and its ecosystem of partners provide robust data analytics and discovery, simplified data management, workflow automation and more, enabling you with 24/7/365 real-time monitoring and reporting.

Actionable insights allow you to manage and evaluate the performance of your entire infrastructure, quickly react to resolve issues, and proactively take action to best leverage your IT investments- with confidence.