Learn About the 2019 Adobe Licensing Changes

On February 1st, Adobe released their new Shared Device license type to cover labs/classrooms and shared devices. Darren helps explain some of those changes in the video below.

February 1st – Shared Device License release

  • Shared Device License is the successor to the current/legacy Device License
  • Legacy Device Licenses are still available for purchase and renewal for a limited time
  • Single-App Device Licenses are no longer available for purchase or renewal

September 1st – Legacy Device license SKUs discontinued

  • Legacy Device Licenses are no longer available for new purchases or renewals

December 31st – Suggested Deadline to Migrate to Shared Device Licensing

  • It is recommended that you have your SDL migration completed by December 31st, 2019.
  • The Migration MUST be done between September 2019 and August 2020, but the actual end of life date is based on where your current VIP Anniversary Date falls within that window and it will be different for each school.
  • Connect with the ScholarBuys Team to discuss a timeline that would be specific to your institution. 


To summarize, the new Shared Device License type will enable institutions to deploy the new Creative Cloud 2019 applications to their labs and shared devices. Schools with existing Device licenses have the opportunity to migrate to Shared Device Licenses, but there are some very important notes to consider:

  • This action is irreversible. Once you have migrated to Shared Device Licensing, you CANNOT go back to the traditional serialized deployment of your Device Licenses
  • Once the migration is activated in your Admin Console you have 30 days to complete
  • CC2019 is NOT backwards compatible with CC2018 or previous versions
  • If you do not want to migrate at this time, legacy Device licenses (CC2018) will remain available for new purchase and renewal through September 1st, 2019
  • Institutions must migrate to Shared Device Licenses between September 2019 and August 2020* (End date based on current VIP Anniversary date)
  • Single-App Device Licenses are no longer available as of February 1st
    • Institutions with active Single App licenses may continue use of these applications until their Anniversary Date
    • Active Single-App licenses may migrate to the full CC Suite (via Shared Device Licensing*) at no additional cost. *This action will migrate ALL Device licensing to Shared Device Licenses*
    • Single-App licenses will continue to be available as Named-User licenses
ScholarBuys is here to help you navigate through these license changes. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or to discuss these changes further. We can help you review and generate an action plan that best fits your institution’s Adobe needs.
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