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ScholarBuys Group Purchasing Summary

ScholarBuys has the knowledge and experience to help your Association At ScholarBuys, our niche focus is bringing technology to Independent Colleges and Universities through group purchasing agreements. Through collaborative partnerships, schools both big and small leverage their collective IT buying power and influence to access technologies that might otherwise be out of reach. Including companies …

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Data Analytics Solutions in Higher Education

In the modern age of technology, analytics plays an integral role across all verticals – including higher education. The use of qualitative, quantitative, and mixed method analytics can play a major role in everything from student retention to improving institutional branding. It can save both time and money in retaining resources, and improving day-to-day operations …

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Azure Site Recovery Case Study

Darren ShahinianHigher Education Account Executive You may have seen a few recent ScholarBuys blog posts on getting started with Azure, and how Azure Site Recovery can be a great place to start. Moving services to the cloud or working towards getting out of the data-center business are very relevant conversations in Higher Education right now. …

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