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Google Extends AUE Date for Chromebooks

Google announced Chromebooks that were released from 2021 onwards will automatically get 10 years of updates. Chromebooks Built to Last When Chromebooks debuted in 2012, their affordable price tags helped make technology more accessible in the classroom; helping provide schools with secure, simple and manageable devices while helping them save on their budgets. In fact, …

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Microsoft Teams for EDU

Microsoft Teams Premium for Education

  Microsoft announced the June 1, 2023 add-on availability of Teams Premium for Education customers.  This new add-on has the same set of features as the Teams Premium Commercial add-on, but its pricing has been adapted to Education including discounted licensing for students.  In the realm of education, effective communication and collaboration play a crucial …

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Microsoft A5 for Compliance Bundle

  The education sector is one of the most highly regulated industries, and compliance with regulations and standards is crucial. As the use of technology becomes more widespread in education, the need for compliance with data protection regulations and standards has become increasingly important. Microsoft recognizes this need and offers a solution to this problem …

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Next Gen Security EDU

Next-Generation Security in Education

  In today’s digital age, schools face a variety of cybersecurity challenges. With the increasing number of devices connected to the internet, schools need to protect their data and networks from cyber threats. Next-generation security is a cybersecurity approach that can help schools keep their data and networks safe.  Next-generation security is a security system …

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Why Choose VMware for your School?

Virtualization technology has become increasingly popular in the education sector due to its ability to provide a cost-effective and flexible solution for managing IT resources. Among the most widely used virtualization platforms is VMWare, which offers a range of powerful tools for managing virtual machines and applications. VMware is a leading provider of virtualization solutions …

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