Title: Operations Analyst My Role at ScholarBuys: My role is to keep our office operations running smoothly and this encompasses a wide variety of responsibilities. Every day brings a new challenge, one day I may focus on vendor relations the next it might be marketing activities or onboarding a new employee. These functions are the glue that hold everything together and each day is different than the next!

“While I have a direct “get it done” attitude, I am also one of the biggest introverts imaginable. I definitely prefer to be in the background.”
What I do in my free time: I spend all of my free time with my son, Logan. We go on walks, work in the yard, go see movies, and go shopping. We LOVE shopping. Why I love ScholarBuys: I joined the ScholarBuys team early on, during the start-up phase of our business. I am proud to have been able to contribute input on many of the processes and procedures we now have in place. >

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