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Engaging, collaborative virtual labs for students and instructors improve the blended learning experience. Focus on teaching and learning, not technology.

Turnkey Solution for Virtual Labs

Apporto has taken the DaaS solution one step further by creating a turnkey option for K-12 environments. With state-of-the-art techniques such as advanced compression, geo-optimization, and autoscaling, Apporto ensures that instructors and students can interact easily with the browser-based solution through any internet-connected device. Students can access all the resources and applications from their school or training center from a single portal, On the operating system of their choice. 

Apporto has emerged as the leading provider in the education space

Used by over 200 customers, their solution delivers Windows, Mac, and Linux desktops – directly to the browser on any device including Chromebooks.  No client to download, no VPN needed, and no complex infrastructure to manage. Apporto offers the unique combination of affordable fixed-cost pricing, specialist education features and a fully managed service.

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Benefits of a Virtual Computer Lab

Whether you decide to build an internally based VDI computer lab, partner with a conventional device as a service solution provider, or work with Apporto’s turnkey solution, virtual computer labs can provide many benefits to your institution organization. All three simplify the management of operating systems, software, applications, and data. A centralized system allows you to easily manage things like updates, security, and troubleshooting. There’s no need to worry about individual devices; all critical components are centrally managed.

Utilziing Apporto results in an additional layer of benefits to the school or teaching center. The system is device-agnostic, meaning that the power and capability of the student’s computer is irrelevant to the access and performance of the system. Our browser-based system equips students with reliable access to everything they need to learn new material and practice their skills in a realistic environment, leveling the technology playing field for all students.

In addition, Apporto’s solution integrates seamlessly with most major learning management systems, allowing faculty to easily move between lesson plans, live classroom environments, virtual office hours, and assignment submission and grading with a single login. Instructors can also view all their students’ screens at one time, watching as they work through an exercise as well as communicate in real-time with students who are raising their hands by chat, email, or voice. If further assistance is needed, instructors can share screens or even take control of a student’s desktop to help. This active learning environment is available anytime, anywhere.

Please contact one of our education technology experts if you would like additional information on Apporto or other virtualization solutions.
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