ScholarBuys is very excited for our recent partnership with Software2, and their exciting application virtualization solution designed specifically for Higher Education – AppsAnywhere!

In recent years, I’m seeing more and more institutions look to desktop virtualization as their “go-to” in providing applications to their users’ personal devices. In working with these schools to find the best fit for their needs, the common feedback I’ve received was they didn’t necessarily have a need for the full desktop experience- rather, they considered VDI as the only option that could deliver ALL of their applications (such as AutoCAD, Creative Cloud, or SPSS).
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In partnering with AppsAnywhere, we’ve found there IS in fact a solution available that can virtualize 100% of Windows Applications- without the need for a virtual desktop. AppsAnywhere enables Students to access Any App, on Any Device, Anywhere, Anytime (on and off campus)- providing the same experience for your user that they would receive in a lab on campus. Students no longer have to follow apps – the apps follow them!
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Image of applications being delivered across the world

Deploy 100% of Apps – Any Device, Any Platform

Software2 supports a variety of delivery methods, including Cloudpaging, SCCM, App-V, and VMware. This allows you to deliver ANY app and deploy them all through AppsAnywhere’s customizable ‘app store’. This includes ‘tricky’ heavyweight Windows apps like SPSS, SAS, NVivo, MATLAB, and AutoCAD!

Apps Run at Warp-Speed

Applications virtualized and launched through AppsAnywhere run as if they were installed locally.

Full Control Over Software Licenses

Admins can keep track of exactly how many licenses are being used at any given time, and redistribute them where necessary.  By maintaining a central pool of licenses and allowing users to take from a pool wherever they are, and when they need them, resources can be maximized and vast amounts of money saved.

Reduce Image Size

By virtualizing apps with Cloudpaging and delivering them with AppsAnywhere, Software2 customers have reduced image size by 75%. That means huge time savings for IT, quicker repair of PC’s and faster re-image times. And it’s easy to make changes to the image (e.g. app upgrades) in the middle of the academic year!

Please contact one of our education technology experts to explore options from AppsAnywhere or other virtualization solutions we partner with.
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