Arcserve/ScholarBuys Success Story

Institution: Beacon College
Industry: Education
Employee Size: 100
Environment: Physical
Products: Arcserve UDP
TB of Data Protecting: 16TB

Beacon’s Challenge

Beacon College, a private non-profit college in Leesburg, Florida, discovered a challenge for their security when there became a need for more data. Their current provider proposed a large increase in price as the amount of data in their environment grew. This increase was not accounted for in their current budget, so IT Director, Tim Paige searched for a new solution.

ScholarBuys’ Role

Tim was hesitant to move away from a security product he had used for so long and looked to his sales representative at ScholarBuys, Mike Brown, for some additional guidance and options. Tim and Mike had worked together on previous projects due to their relationship through The Independent Colleges and Universities of Florida (ICUF). Tim has found Mike to be a great resource and found it very beneficial that all the research would be done for him. To help Tim feel more comfortable shifting his security platform, Mike suggested a trial run with Arcserve. This technology solution better fit the school’s budget and data protection needs. Mike has always been a dependable and prompt resource so Tim was happy to have him act as a liaison with Arcserve to test run the new product.

Arcserve’s Solution

Beacon College found the trial of Arcserve to be a great fit for their budget and technology needs. The pilot allowed the institution to use all the resources needed outside of a trial, which helped make the trail a success. One notable feature of Arcserve UDP was reduced backup times.

“I didn’t realize your product made it that easy to do. With my old backup software, I had to do a full backup on a nightly basis, which obviously took more time. With Arcserve, the backup time has been significantly reduced and I don’t have to worry that things will slip through the cracks.”

With the help and cooperation of Arcserve and ScholarBuys, Beacon College found a solution with added benefits to fit their institution’s needs.

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