AVID AE25 Headphones

AVID AE25 Headphones are a great option for standardized testing and classroom use


Darren is here to give you a quick review of AVID’s AE25 headsets, which is a fantastic option if your school has standardized testing for your students. These could certainly be used beyond standardized testing applications, but that’s where we see this being most popular. The AE25 is really catered to younger students, right. It is a very appealing, friendly look and design kind of gets kids excited about, you know, the project that they’re going to be working on. What’s nice about this is it does have a snap on and off boom microphone that’s adjustable. It has adjustable and really quite comfortable earpads for the young students. And then same thing here with this padded band at the top fully adjustable to fit, you know, different size students as well. So this has become very, very popular in K-12 for standardized testing, something that’s very notable as well is that these are built by AVID with a nylon power cord, which is great because these are chew resistant, really helps to extend the life of these devices at your school.

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