AVID AE35 Headphones

AVID AE35 Headphones are a great option for standardized testing and classroom use


Darren is here to give you a quick review of AVID’s AE35 headphones. These are wonderful if your school has standardized testing as part of the curriculum throughout the year. These are designed for really students of just about any age group. They’ve got the padded earphone pieces, adjustable padded headband at the top so it can really help to fit, you know, students of different age groups and sizes. These are built to be relatively durable and they are really great in terms of the quality of sound that the students will receive through it. They’ll work with any device that has a standard 3.5 millimeter audio jack and the cord is actually made out of a nylon material that is chew resistant. The cord tends to be the first thing to go with headphones as we all know so it’s really great that they built this in mind for younger students just to extend the life of this device. This one in particular the AE35 does not have a boom microphone included so this is strictly just audio to the student.

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