Chromebook Charging Options

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1:1 Learning is growing in popularity in K-12 schools, but not every school has the same needs when it comes to charging their devices. Find out what charging solution is best for your school by browsing the different types and then contact us for a quote!

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For a smaller amount of devices and a wall or desk mount option, the Carrier 10 by LocknCharge is a great for schools with smaller classrooms. The carrier fits Chromebooks, iPads, or laptops and locks to secure devices when not in use.

For tabletop charging, the Desktop Charger by PowerGistics is perfect for classrooms that have groups of desks and the students are in charge of powering their devices. If a student forgot to charge their device overnight, they can easily plug it into the desktop charger and have it powered and ready to use when needed without having to leave their desk.The numbering on the side will make it easier for students to identify where they put their device to charge.

Try a standard power strip if your school needs charging close to the desks, but not on the table. This power strip by Kensington has color coding so students can easily identify which device was theirs.
Charging carts have become a popular option for K-12 schools and they come in many models to cater to your school’s needs. Capacity for these carts range from 20 devices to 40 and can be top loading or side loading. Some models, like the Carrier 30 by Lock N Charge (pictured), come with baskets to carry devices in once they are charged for easier deployment.
Image of LocknCharge Carrier 10 Charging Cart

The FUYL Cell Charging Locker is the solution for schools needing stack-able storage that stays in the classroom. Each cell locks individually which is great for students who are in charge of their own devices and maybe do not need to take them home every day, but need a secure place to charge them.

For a more affordable option, try a 10 port USB power adapter. This one by ThinkWrite features 120W / 19.2 amps of output per adapter. Place the charger at groups of desks or at a central location in the classroom to allow students to charge devices as needed.

Still not sure what your school needs? Contact your K-12 sales representative. ScholarBuys will help you select the solution that best fits your classroom. Our knowledge of the technology and 1:1 solutions allow us to advise you on the best product for your needs and budget.
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