Digital Signage in Higher Education

Digital signage has been present in academic institutions for a while, but as the uses for this product expands, so has the popularity. Digital signage can be seen in classrooms, hallways, and common areas. Not only do they communicate quickly and efficiently, but they can also save schools money in the long run.

In the Class

Class Schedules

Digital Signage outside each classroom allows for an easy, daily change of class schedules for that room. Students and faculty can easily check that they are in the right class or meeting before entering the room.

Share Classrooms

Share classroom experiences with Skype. With digital signage, your classroom can Skype another group of students in another country or state to learn about their class. This promotes diversity and collaboration among students. With this technology, students have easier access to learning about different cultures and communicating with others.

Emergency Alerts

Place monitors in classrooms and across campus to display emergency alerts and notify students instantly when trouble arises.
Image of Digital Signage being used at Emory College

On Campus

On Campus Announcements

Digital signage can be set-up by campus walkways to display news, current events, and weather. They allow students to stay up to date and can even be interactive. Displays can also be set up on the outside of buildings to showcase events or the courses in that building.

Sporting Events

Displays can be used at sporting events for scores or as a large creative display to show off the team and the university.


Use digital signage for menus at on campus cafeterias.

With all the different uses for digital signage in Higher Education, it is clear how much time and money can be saved. These signs make announcements and learning faster and more accessible. If you are interested in purchasing digital signage, request a quote today!
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