Digital Signage K-12

Digital signage has been present in academic institutions for a while, but as the uses for this product expands, so has the popularity. Digital signage can be seen in classrooms, hallways, and common areas. Not only do they communicate quickly and efficiently, but they can also save schools money in the long run.


These monitors are usually placed in common areas such as hallways and cafeterias, in addition to staff rooms or classrooms. The purpose of the signs is to provide up to date information to students and faculty on upcoming events or important news.

Cafeteria Menus

These monitors are placed in cafeterias to display the menu. They help save time and money rather than having to print new menus to display or having to switch out a board. Instead, menus can be programmed and scheduled in advance to display options that are available that day.

General Information

The monitors are placed in common areas and display information throughout the day. Information can include upcoming events, the weather, the news, extra curricular schedules, sports events and more. Displays can even be made to be interactive for student’s use.
Image of K-12 Digital Signage Announcement Banner

Classroom Use:

Interactive Lessons

Use the digital signage as a “white board” for your classroom by using documents to write. Share information through these documents and use education based applications for interactive lessons. A management console would be required to share information with students’ Chromebooks and expand capabilities.

Share Classrooms

Share classroom experiences with Skype. With digital signage, your classroom can Skype another group of students in another country or state to learn about their class. This promotes diversity and collaboration among students. With this technology, students have easier access to learning about different cultures and communicating with others.

Virtual Field Trips

Watch videos and use virtual field trips online to expand your students’ learning. Allow them to experience a difference place or topic in depth. Digital signage in classrooms allow teachers to use this technology more readily than old fashioned tv carts.

Emergency Alerts

Place monitors in classrooms for emergency alerts. With a Hypersign license included in the ScholarBuys Digital Signage Bundle, you can set automatic alerts for emergency situations like intruders, fire, or tornado.
With all the different uses for digital signage in K-12, it is clear how much time and money can be saved. These signs make announcements and learning faster and more accessible.

If you are interested in purchasing digital signage, check out the ScholarBuys Digital Signage Bundle and request a quote today! Please contact us if you are interested in a custom bundle.
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