Digital Signage

There are many uses for digital signage in education. ScholarBuys will guide you through the various offerings available to your school and find the perfect digital signage solution to fit your needs.

We have the solution

Digital signage is changing communication in education. The easy to use technology has made articulating messages, news, and alerts to students and faculty effortless. There is no longer any need to print excessive amounts of flyers or use an intercom system for emergency alerts. Digital signage encompasses a number of uses for education to help students and faculty, save time and stay connected.

Easy to Manage

Digital signage is quick to set up and easy to manage. With a Google Management license you can manage multiple screens in the school or district from one central screen. A Hypersign license allows you to easily manage and schedule content.

Time Saving

Scheduling content saves time later on. Content can be created beforehand and scheduled for the day or week without needing to go back and change it. There is also no need to worry about typos like with paper flyers. If you have a typo, simply go in and change it in the content quickly without having to reprint flyers.

Improves Communication

Since signage is easier to manage and quick to schedule and produce, it is much easier to spread news and communicate throughout a school district or campus. Emergency alerts about weather or intruders are instant. News and schedules can be displayed throughout the day on central screens to keep students and faculty updated at all times.

The ScholarBuys Digital Signage Bundle

This bundle has everything your school needs to start utilizing digital signage.


Monitor and Wall Mount

Display content on the 48″ monitor. The wall mount allows the monitor to be safely secured to the wall with a low profile.



The Aopen Chromebox allows your screen to work on Chrome OS so you have access to creating and managing content.

Google Management

Use the Google Management console to manage screens across the school or district from one central location.




Use Hypersign to manage and schedule content. Emergency alerts are built in to protect faculty and students by alerting about severe weather or intruders.