Digital Signage for School

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Imagine a classroom beyond the typical smart boards and Chromebooks and see the classroom of the future. Imagine a common area with monitors that quickly and effectively spread a message to the school. Digital signage is the future for classrooms and school communication. In some school districts, this is already a reality.

Digital Signage for Announcements

Digital signage is a quick way to spread a message across an entire campus or building. Monitors can be placed in common areas to display messages and synced so that the message is uniform across all monitors. These screens are also being utilized in school auditoriums and gymnasiums to project advertisements, display a message, or share information about a game or event.

Digital Signage in the Classroom

Digital signage is the future white board for classrooms. Monitors can connect to students’ Chromebooks through Google Management* to make it easier to share documents and information. These displays have a higher resolution and HD images for better viewing. Utilize your monitor like a Chromebook with a Chromebit* or Chromebox* and take your students on virtual interactive tours. Or, Skype other classrooms from around the world to let students interact with other cultures and students their age without ever leaving their desks. Expand their knowledge and capabilities with a display that is just as smart as their Chromebooks.

Accessories needed for Digital Signage

Wall Mount:

the wall mount is needed to secure the monitor to the wall

Google Management:

this management license allows you to connect multiple monitors so that they display the same message, or to connect your monitor to students’ Chromebooks to share information and manage usage

Chromebit or Chromebox:

either a Chromebox or Chromebit is needed to make your monitor run on Chrome OS. The Chromebit is portable and plugs directly into the HDMI port, while the Chromebox requires additional wiring, but allows for more memory and storage in the long run
Image of Digital Signage Accessories

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