Empowering Teachers to Guide Mobile Learning with VMware

Empowering Your Teachers to Guide Mobile Learning with VMware

It’s impossible to ignore the fact that traditional teaching methods are changing at the same time the classroom is evolving to incorporate mobile technologies and other tools. While transformative classroom technologies and teaching models may be exciting, they can also be overwhelming for teachers who worry students will be distracted by devices rather than learn from them.

Without overseeing each student’s activity during every moment of class time, it can be difficult to tell if students are on task, engaged and accessing relevant content. AirWatch Teacher Tools enables K–12 teachers to guide mobile learning by managing student devices, apps and content.

Teacher Tools includes two apps — AirWatch Teach for the instructor and AirWatch Learn for students. AirWatch Teacher Tools enables schools to easily integrate mobile learning into the classroom, while empowering teachers to improve instruction, manage students’ online behavior and personalize learning.

AirWatch Teacher Tools helps teachers transition quickly and easily between whole class instruction and small group collaboration, peer-to-peer learning or individual student work, ensuring teachers have control of the classroom and student attention. Teachers can lock all devices, prevent students from exiting a particular app and ensure that students are on task while conducting small group or personalized instruction. 

AirWatch Teach Enables Instructors To:

  • Create classes and distribute content
  • View student device information, such as battery life
  • Lock all students or small groups into approved apps or shared content
  • Disable student devices to command attention at the front of the room
  • Facilitate new teaching models

AirWatch Learn Allows Students To:

  • Customize images and backgrounds
  • View class material and shared content
  • Collaborate with teachers and students

Learn More about AirWatch by VMware and It’s Use in the Classroom

AirWatch and ScholarBuys is committed to supporting teachers as mobile devices and new teaching models emerge worldwide. Providing instructors with basic management of classroom devices, applications and content ensures they are available to customize the learning experience for each student.

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