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GoGuardian has two new tools available for K-12 schools. Read about them and then request a demo or quote from ScholarBuys!

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Fleet: Coming in June 2016

  • Syncs with Google Admin Console to keep your inventory up-to-date
  • Bulk edit- statuses, assigned users, and more on one or many Chromebooks
  • Repair management- track, explore, and report all Chromebook repairs

GoGuardian Fleet is perfect for schools that have Chromebooks district-wide that need to be managed. You can set an organization-wide blacklist of certain URLs or keywords from the GoGuardian dashboard. Chromebooks can be updated instantly to make a district-wide roll out of updates easy and quick. Make it easy to view all of your data and request a quote from ScholarBuys today!
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Director: Available Now

  • FREE to use
  • Track trends- view which Chrome software is being used in the district
  • View in-depth how much and how often applications are being used by students

Take advantage of this free tool to view your students’ activity on a higher level. With Director you can spot trends in technology and make informed decisions based on this data-driven perspective. This data can help you decide which apps are most important to have on your Chromebooks, and which educational software students utilize the most. This is great for schools rolling out a new educational app that want to track usage to measure its success.

For additional information on Web Filtering Solutions or to request a quote for you school or district, contact one of our Academic Technology Experts!
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