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Every classroom has a different need in their charging cart. This list of LocknCharge charging carts will give you a good-better-best solution based on budget, capacity, and versatility.

Carrier 10

  • Stores and charges 10 devices
  • Wall or desk mounted
  • Compatible with LocknCharge baskets
  • Use steel rack instead of baskets to store larger devices up to 13″
  • Available in 10 or 15 capacity

This solution is good for classrooms that want to keep devices in one room. However, if mobility is desired, this solution is not easily transported from class to class and does not have the capacity of other carts. This is a quality charging cabinet that is secure and durable. The baskets make deployment of devices more simple since the cabinet is stationary.
Image of LocknCharge Carrier 10 Cart

Joey 30

  • Stores and charges up to 30 devices  up to 15″
  • Portable with 5″ caster wheels
  • Top loading
  • Lightweight
  • Available in 30 or 40 unit capacity

This charging cart is better for classroom since it has a larger storage capacity and portability. Baskets are an option with this cart, but are not included. This cart is affordable and perfect for the school who is looking to stay on budget and provide secure charging.


Carrier 30

  • Top loading
  • 6 baskets included with rack option for larger devices
  • Sliding lid doubles as a work-surface
  • Available in a syncing model
  • Available in 20, 30, or 40 unit capacity

This cart is the best option for classrooms. Get the most for your money with this versatile cart. Deploy large amounts of devices easily with baskets. A sturdy handle allows for easier maneuvering and a smooth top allows teachers to use the cart as a work space during lessons. This cart has the most options and a lifetime warranty to back it up.
Image of LocknCharge Carrier 30 Cart

If you have any questions about these charging options, or would like to purchase one or many for your classroom, please contact your Academic Technology Expert today! We will help you determine which is good, better, or best for your environment!
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