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Contact: [email protected]
877-999-9294 ext 105
Mike Brown
Territory: Texas, North Carolina, New York, Florida & Alabama
Start Date with ScholarBuys: May 2009
Favorite Technology: Office 365 for Education
Favorite part about working for ScholarBuys: The team and customers
Fun Fact: I have an extensive collection of Chicago White Sox bobble heads!

 “Mike Brown is our most tenured employee. His role is that of player coach, both managing several of our most strategic customers while also serving as a mentor to our Higher Education sales team. Mike is one of the most genuine people you will ever meet, he excels in building relationships built on value and trust.”

Contact: [email protected]
877-999-9294 ext 197
Darren Shahinian
Territory: 35 states; Primarily in the west, south-central, & northeast.
Start Date with ScholarBuys: January 2015
Favorite HiEd Technology: I enjoy expanding my knowledge around virtualization software and how a virtual platform can allow institutions to increase the flexibility in their datacenter and lower their expenses over time as more workloads are migrated to the cloud. More often we are seeing academic institutions start to make a larger push to the cloud with software/services such as VMware’s ESXi technology and Microsoft’s Azure. For me personally, the learning curve in virtualization is much more steep than other areas, and I enjoy the challenge.
Favorite part about working for ScholarBuys: It is rare to find yourself in a work environment where everyone from the top down is working just as hard as you are. We have an incredible team, and are all comfortable approaching one another with questions or ideas. It seems that every day there is something new to tackle, so our jobs never feel static.
Fun Fact: Presently my favorite author is Ursula K. LeGuin

“Darren goes above and beyond for all of our customers. He really makes it his mission to identify any challenges our customers might be facing and present them with appropriate solutions. His attention to detail is impressive and appreciated by our customers.”

Contact: [email protected]
877-999-9294 ext 199
Brendon Palluck
Territory: North Central States
Start Date with ScholarBuys: May 2014
Favorite HiEd Technology: Cloud computing– specifically the capabilities within Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).
Favorite part about working for ScholarBuys: Definitely the people. It’s a great group all around, and there has always been a strong team mentality.
Fun Fact: In my free time, I try to stay active by playing a variety of intramural sports in the city- softball in the Spring, beach volleyball in the Summer, and football in the Fall.

“Brendon is about the most even keeled person you will ever meet. He works with some of our most challenging accounts and technology solutions but he never seems to break a sweat. I do not think I have ever seen him flustered or upset in his entire tenure with us. The more challenging of a situation the more he thrives.”

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