HP ShareBoard

Presentations are vital to students and provide a key platform for them to learn. HP has recently introduced the HP ShareBoard that will help collaboration between teachers and students.
Image of HP ShareBoard Device
The HP ShareBoard can be set up quickly by mounting the camera above the classroom whiteboard, connecting the necessary cables to the control pad and plugging the power cord to a nearby wall outlet. From here, their whiteboard can now stream real-time content to the class and remote attendees through a secure online connection and the use of a web browser.

You can invite other staff members and students who were not able to make the lecture to attend the presentation through a private and unique URL that can be viewed from a PC and mobile device. With the private URL you can safely control who is seeing your presentation and monitor your attendees.

Another great feature of the HP Shareboard is the ability to record and save anything that was put onto the whiteboard such as any drawings, comments or other information. The data can be saved as PDF slides and the teacher will have the capability of handing them out after the lesson is completed. There is a “Timeline” feature that allows users to scroll back and forward through the material.

This technology provides a way to provide current lessons in real time to students and other staff. Also, if a student is sick, traveling or is occupied for any reason, the teacher is able to send them the PDF recap so they don’t fall behind.
Image of teacher using HP ShareBoard

Please contact one of our education technology experts to explore ShareBoard or other options from HP.
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