Innovation Montessori Adobe Case Study

Innovation Montessori in Ocoee, Florida was founded in 2011 and is a school created for children, by parents, using one of the most child-centered educational philosophies in the world – Montessori. Montessori educational philosophy extends beyond academics, into whole child education. It encompasses peace, education, environmentalism and multi-culturalism. Children benefit when there is a close alignment between home and school.

Innovation Montessori is growing rapidly with the completion of 3 brand new state of the art buildings. With these additional buildings being completed, this will allow them to expand from 475 students to over 800 students in the next few years. They were in search of a cost-effective, easy to manage solution to help their growing student body develop essential digital story telling skills. Innovation Montessori’s goal was to not only empower their students inside the classroom, but also help develop in-demand digital skills that will help them succeed in college and beyond.

ScholarBuys worked with Innovation Montessori to identify how Adobe Creative Cloud can help meet their goals.  Creative Cloud gives students, educators, and staff access to the world’s best creative apps for design, web, video, and photography.  In addition to installing the applications locally, schools are also entitled to cloud-based versions of the applications, which enables students to sign into the app from anywhere and any device, including tablets or phones at home. This enables students to work on projects outside of the traditional classroom and computer labs.

Taking advantage of the new offer exclusively for K-12 schools and districts, they were able to obtain Creative Cloud for just $4.99 per license, per year (minimum purchase of 500 licenses per school or 2,500 per district).  The new named user Creative Cloud option for K12 schools makes is simple and affordable for Innovation Montessori. Not only is it easy to initially obtain the licenses and distribute to the appropriate administrators, staff and students, but it also provides the flexibility to scale as their student body increases.  The enhanced Admin Console made it easy for IT to deploy and manage the licenses.  They can quickly add or delete users, assign licenses, assign products, and add administrators.  Plus, Creative Cloud for K-12 can be implemented in a way to comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and can also be set up with a single sign-on so teachers and students can use whatever school ID they already have to connect to Creative Cloud.

With Creative Cloud for K–12, Innovation Montessori is building the foundation for digital skills their students will use for the rest of their lives. 

Whether you need to purchase licenses for a small group or department, a classroom or lab, or your entire institution, ScholarBuys can help you find an Adobe licensing option to best meet your requirements. Contact your Academic Technology Expert to review the option that is the best fit for you.
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