June Sales Champ

Another victory for the Hi-Ed team in 2016! Brendon Palluck is the June Sales Champ!

Image of ScholarBuys employee Brendon Palluck


Brendon spent the majority of his time in June working on Microsoft Enrollment for Education Solutions (EES) Agreements for one of his consortium. Many of these agreements were renewals and Brendon took the time to make sure the schools were still being provided with the right licensing to fit their environment. This is vital with the constantly changing landscape within volume licensing for education.


Staying up to date with technology is a huge part of making sure schools get the right solution for their environment. Brendon is constantly working with partners to learn about new solutions, as well as updates to existing products. He also attends webinars and completes various trainings to stay on track with technology trends. The technology that Brendon is currently most excited about promoting to schools is Microsoft’s Advanced Threat Protection (ATP). This is a new email filtering service that complements Exchange Online Protection. ATP uses multiple filters and 3 antivirus engines to provide zero-day protection against unknown malware and viruses, as well as real-time protection against malicious URLs.
Image showing Microsoft's Advanced Threat Protection Service

Success Story

Brendon recently visited an institution and, during the on-site meeting, it was mentioned that they would be building a new campus and were in need of additional servers. Since ScholarBuys has a solid reputation for software licensing in education, the institution was surprised to hear that Brendon would be able to help with their hardware needs as well. Within a few weeks Brendon had them set up with three new Lenovo rack servers. Brendon helped scope out the specs and they decided on the Lenovo model.

Sales Champ

“Throughout the month I put in a lot of extra hours. Knowing that my customers truly value the time and attention I put into these agreements is the most rewarding.”

Brendon provided individualized attention through one-on-one calls and on site meetings to review the licensing needs of each institution. During the month of June this required daily follow-up to ensure seamless renewal. Brendon will continue to provide this exceptional service to his customers and maybe we will see him take the title of Sales Champ again in 2016!

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