Laser Etching

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Many Schools are looking to brand their devices, adding a personal touch to their purchase. ScholarBuys’ distribution partners offer laser etched lettering. Want your school logo instead? For an additional charge we can do that as well.

The Etching Process

The etching process starts with a demo etch of your design (sample featured below). This etch can include:

  • School logo
  • School name
  • Asset tagging numbers

Image of ScholarBuys laser etched logo
Prices vary depending on the etch and complexity. The demo is etched onto a thin flexible plastic. This demo helps us ensure that the placement is correct and the size and look of the etch is up to expectations. Once this is approved, one of the units you are having etched will be etched as a pilot. This allows you to see what your design looks like on the surface of the unit. For example, if you are etching a Chromebook, some have a rougher surface and you may prefer a different design on a rough surface. This pilot allows you to decide and make any final adjustments. After the final approval, all your units will be etched.

Common Etching Questions

  • How long will it take before my design is complete? 
    • This varies depending on how long it takes to receive approval on the demo etch and pilot. The typical pilot order process takes 3 business days for an order that is 100 units or less.
  • What can I have laser etched?
    • We can etch anything with a flat surface (within a certain thickness). This includes Chromebooks, cases, and tablets

ScholarBuys can offer laser etching on your devices. To etch a logo instead of text is an additional charge. Find out more about bundling services for your devices. Contact ScholarBuys for a quote today!
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