Lenovo Live

On June 20th I had the pleasure of attending Lenovo Live 2017 at Navy Pier in Chicago. This exclusive event took place on the Elite Private Yacht and included a ride along Lake Michigan during lunch. This was an invite only event for strategic partners and customers of Lenovo. Lenovo holds these types of events all across the country.

We have a strong partnership with Lenovo and felt honored to be invited. One of the great features of an event like this is hearing top level executives talk about their brand as well as being able to interact with them. Additionally, the hands on experience of seeing their product line and variety of options is great.

Lenovo has 3 Core Values they really focus on: Usability, Durability, and Reliability.

Similar to Lenovo ScholarBuys also has 3 Core Values that we focus on: Focus, Quality, and Teamwork.

One cool fact that I learned about during the meeting was how secure Lenovo’s Bios Storage room is. Only 6 people have access to this room and 2 people are required to be in there at same time.

Casey Sutton, Lenovo’s Brand Ambassador, did an Amazing job of going through their Laptop, Desktop and Workstation offerings. Some key areas that Lenovo is focusing on are IR Camera’s, Narrow Bezels and Touch Fingerprint for added security. This year they became the #1 PC Vendor in the world; dethroning Apple for the first time.

We really value our partnership with Lenovo and are here to help you find the right device that fits your needs and budget. While Chromebooks are our specialty, we can help you with Laptops and Desktops as well.

Please contact one of our education technology experts to explore Education Technology options from Lenovo.
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