Lenovo N22 Touch Chromebook Unboxing

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ScholarBuys unboxes the Lenovo N22 Touch Chromebook!

Image of Lenovo N22 Touch Chromebook
We were able to get our hands on a brand new Lenovo N22 Touch Chromebook and decided to share the unboxing with you so your institution can get an up-close look at this option for your classroom! This Chromebook proved to be as durable as we’ve heard! You can feel and see that it has been reinforced and ruggedized for education. Even with it’s rugged features, this Chromebook remains slim and the perfect size for kids’ hands!

Watch the video for more information on this great Chromebook and comment to let us know your thoughts or contact us for a quote!

Don’t forget to ask about our Chromebook add-ons!

Laser Etching

Many schools are looking to brand their devices, adding a personal touch to their purchase. ScholarBuys distribution facilities offers laser etched lettering. Want your school logo instead? For an additional $3 charge we can do that as well.

White Glove Service

White Glove Service is enrollment of the Chromebook devices in the school’s Management Console, full OS updates, and school personalization at the ScholarBuys Integration Center. This prepares the device for teacher/student use upon arrival. By preparing the Chromebook for use upon delivery, this greatly reduces the work required by the onsite technical staff and improves the end user experience.

Asset Tagging

Asset tagging your fleet of Chromebooks adds another layer of security. ScholarBuys distribution facilities can create a custom asset tag and apply it to your Chromebook order prior to shipment.

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