Lenovo has announced the first N-series convertible Chromebook! The Lenovo N23 Yoga will be available in mid-April!

The Lenovo N23 Yoga is built for education! N-series Chromebooks are known for their rugged exteriors¬†and the N23 Yoga is no different. It is built with mechanically anchored keys so students can’t pick them off. The edge is rubberized to protect from slips and drops and it is drop resistant from up to 70 cm. The device is equipped with a UDB 3.0 port, HDMI port, and SD slot.

The N23 Yoga starts up in a lightning 8 seconds so students are up and ready to learn fast. The MTK 8173c processor was built for running the Google Play Store for any apps your students may need on their device. The battery runs all day, up to 10 hours, so students can enjoy the 11.6″ anti-glare HD touch screen and collaborate by using the 360 degree hinge. The Yoga is available in 4GB of memory.

If you have any questions about the Lenovo N23 Yoga or would like to be the first to receive a quote before the device’s release in April, contact your Academic Technology Expert! If you would like more updates like this, please subscribe to our emails.

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