ScholarBuys wants to help with every school’s forever changing technology plans. That is why we would like to introduce littleBits! Is your school looking for a fun and hands-on learning tool for those STEM/STEAM lesson plans? littleBits is the perfect invention platform for 21st – century learning. With an ever-expanding library of Bits, educators and students can engage in increasingly complex projects as their technology literacy, critical thinking and creative confidence grow. Bits are electronic building blocks that create inventions. littleBits comes in a variety of purchase options, making it easy for your school to start off small or dive right in to a collection supporting up to 64 inventors.
Image of littleBits STEAM Student Set

STEAM Student Set

  • 8 invention challenges with 19 Bits & 38 Accessories, detailed instructions, and companion lessons
  • 72-page Student Invention Guide for group, educator-led or self-guided learning
  • 100+ page online Teacher’s Guide with lessons, NGSS/Common Core links, and tips

Image of littleBits Workshop Set

Workshop Set

  • Ideal for group learning in classrooms and makerspaces
  • Offers great value with 160 Bits
  • Supports up to 32 (8 groups of 4) students per set

Image of littleBits Pro Library

Pro Library

  • Ultimate collection for collaboration and invention in a group setting
  • Comes with 3 tackleboxes, 304 Bits, & the “Make: Getting Started with LittleBits” book
  • Can support up to 64 inventors (16 groups of 4)

“We inspire the next generation to reinvent their world. We help students develop the creativity and engineering skills for careers that don’t even exist yet.”

How are educators using LittleBits?

Elementary School

  • Used most often in STEM/STEAM programs and library makerspaces
  • Students develop key 21st-century skills like critical thinking, collaboration and creativity

Middle & High School

  • Lowers barrier of entry to technical fields and prepares students for future careers
  • Students explore more complex concepts in physcial science, logic, design, computer science, and music

Higher Education

  • College students dive deeper into engineering, electronics, product design, and entrepreneurship by prototyping
  • Pre-service teacher programs are also using littleBits to train and equip the next generation of educators

Informal Learning

  • Educators embrace the Bits for use in after-school programs, summer camps, library makerspaces and elsewhere
  • Children of all ages can have great fun engaging in invention-based learning

Sample Inventions
Image of littleBits DIY Etch-a-Sketch

DIY Etch-a-Sketch

Made with the littleBits Arduino Coding Kit

  • Time: 30 minutes (minimum)
  • Level: 4 out of 5
  • Grade: Suitable for 9-12

Image of littleBits Backpack Alarm

Backpack Alarm

Made with the littleBits STEAM Student Set

  • Time: 1 hour (minimum)
  • Level: 3 out of 5
  • Grade: Suitable for 3-8
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