Mike’s Anniversary

It has been seven years since Mike Brown joined the ScholarBuys team!

The Path to ScholarBuys

Mike Brown previously worked in an outside sales position, selling mailing machines to local businesses. Due to the rough economy, his position wasn’t easy. Companies didn’t have extra money to spend and often turned down salesmen before they would even get a chance to talk. Mike learned to be persistent. Part of his position was to learn what machines would fit the business’s needs. He would often call to follow up to explain the value that would be added to their company and find their best fit.

After some time, Mike moved back the Chicago area and wanted to switch to an inside sales position. He learned more about ScholarBuys mission and was eager to apply. He has proved to be a valuable asset to the ScholarBuys team. He has gained experience over these seven years and is truly an academic technology expert. The value he provides to customers is unmatched.
Image of ScholarBuys employee Mike Brown

Working at ScholarBuys

During his time at ScholarBuys, Mike has seen four different offices for ScholarBuys and has watched the company grow. He has traveled for conferences and to meet customers, but also enjoys the office work and the games during breaks. These experiences have contributed to his favorite part of working at ScholarBuys. Mike enjoys both his customers and colleagues so much that he can’t pick a favorite! Both play such an important role to his everyday work and what makes it enjoyable.

[One of my favorite parts of working here has been] the growth of ICUT. I was fairly new to the team when I was provided the opportunity.  Since then, growth in participation has increased and I’ve formed a long-term partnership with many of the customers that are under this account.

The Future

Mike Brown has seen the team grow and evolve over seven years and is looking forward to seeing more growth with ScholarBuys. Mike started when the company was just beginning and has earned many titles over the year including Sales Champ and “Best of the Best”.

Congrats Mike on seven years!
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