New LocknCharge

LocknCharge has introduced new products to their line of charging solutions and has also made some updates to one of their most popular carts.

The LocknCharge CarryOn

The new LocknCharge CarryOn is your ultimate charging solution for portability and convenience.

  • Holds up to 5 tablets measuring 7″-10″ with or without protective cases
  • Available in four colors: blue, black, red, or green
  • 2.4 amps of power at each port charges all five devices simultaneously
  • Plugs into main power via the cable at the back and wraps around to keep cords tidy
  • Aluminum outer shell makes this carrier lightweight and durable for protection
  • Lifetime warranty

Image of LocknCharge CarryOn
The CarryOn is also wall-mountable! This is perfect for classrooms that have students seated in groups of desks. The carrier can be mounted next to their desks for easy access. The CarryOn can still come down from the wall-mount and be carried to other classrooms or to be locked securely in storage at night.
Image of wall mounted LocknCharge CarryOn

The LocknCharge FUYL Tower

LocknCharge previously only offered the FUYL Cell Tower; charging lockers that would hold 5 devices and could be stacked for more capacity. Now they have introduced the FUYL Tower.

  • Locks and charges up to 15 devices in their own secure locker
  • 2.4 amp USB port in each locker to charge almost any device
  • Perfect for common areas for students to leave and charge devices while keeping them secure
  • Includes signage
  • Administrators can remotely access each locker and perform audits
  • Prompts on the screen allows user to set their password
  • Lifetime Warranty
External Product Dimensions:

Height: 69.7 inches
Width: 18.8 inches
Length: 18.8 inches
Weight: 172 lbs
Image of LocknCharge FUYL Tower

Carrier 30 Updates

LocknCharge recently updated their Carrier 30 carts after receiving feedback. These updates include:

  • Side cable management to prevent the cords getting caught on the baskets
  • The second handle on top of the cart was removed

Image of LocknCharge Carrier 30 Cart

These improvements to the cart allow the lid to be more effectively used as a work space. Items such as teacher devices and projectors can be placed on top of the cart and used as a work space, while still being able to slide the lid open and access the devices. Before, with two handles, work space was not as efficient since the second handle required anything on top of the lid to be lifted off prior to opening.

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