PowerGistics is a laptop and tablet charging station company based out of Madision, WI. PowerGistics provides small footprint charging and storage for classrooms who want their devices to stay in the classroom. All of their products are built in the USA and come with a limited lifetime warranty. PowerGistics offers products in various sizes to meet the needs of different classrooms.

PowerGistics Tower

The Tower comes in capacities of 8 to 20 and holds devices up to 11″. If you have larger devices, the TowerPlus can accommodate devices up to 14″. PowerGistics also offers a Desktop model that holds up to 6 devices for smaller classrooms. All of their products feature an open concept so teachers can easily see if any devices are missing and so students can easily access the devices when putting them away or getting them out. This open concept cuts down the time it takes for students to get their devices and start learning. A heavy steel door covers devices when not in use to lock them in place and provide security.
Image of PowerGistics Tower

Why PowerGistics?

  • Small footprint
  • Perfect for libraries that have a device checkout system
  • Great for classrooms that keep devices in the room
  • Quick charging for students at their desk if they forget to charge at home (BYOD)
  • Fits common devices sizes between 11″-14″
  • Color coded for student accountability and organization
For more information on PowerGistics or other charging solutions we partner with, contact one of our education technology experts today!
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