Privacy and Security for Chromebooks

 In schools today having a private and secure device is a priority. Because of this demand, ScholarBuys offers Chromebooks as a solution.Image of students working with teacher on a Chromebook

One big misconception about Chromebooks is that they are not secure enough. Google prides themselves on how secure and private Chromebooks can be for students and teachers. Google’s systems are among the industry’s most secure. This is one of the many reasons why we enjoy offering Chromebooks to customers. We enjoy having piece of mind when supplying schools with a very secure device, that gets students through everyday tasks without disruption of a virus or an annoying ad popping up. When students and teachers are using G Suite for Education they do not have to worry about seeing an ad on the side of their screen, or having a video ad pop up when they are working on classwork.

Image of keyboard with a lock to represent security

When talking about privacy and security related to Chromebooks, some customers may be concerned that Google is selling or attempting to take ownership of data. This is also a misconception that Google has made statements about. Google does not assume ownership of any customer data, and they make it easy when a customer would like to take their data when they stop using Google. Some customers may be skeptical to bring Chromebooks into their environment because they are Google devices. Customers may think that Google will take the school’s, or student’s data, and sell it to third parties. This is also false; Google does not sell a customer’s G Suite data to third parties.

Wanting a secure and easy to use device is not too much to ask for with Chromebooks as an option. If you do not yet have Chromebooks in your school, or were skeptical before about Chromebooks, let us know! We are always happy to help and talk through your concerns, and answer any questions you may have.

For more information on privacy and security, please visit Google’s website.

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