Privacy Filters

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Privacy Filter

Privacy filters for Chromebooks are essential for a testing environment. Chromebooks are often being used for testing purposes in schools and it is critical to keep information private on students’ screens to ensure test scores accurately reflect the students’ knowledge, and not their neighbors answers.

Benefits to privacy filters on Chromebooks includes:

  • Screen confidentiality
  • Darkens information on screen from various side angles
  • Two-sided glossy or matte finish allows for  use indoors or outdoors
  • Protects screen from scuffs or scratches

Image of Chromebook with a privacy filter installed

V7 Privacy Filter for 11.6″ Chromebooks: SKU VV1316

Although privacy filters are essential for Chromebook testing environments, they also provide needed screen protection to prolong the life of the device and allow it to be used in different environments. Some classrooms enjoy outside lessons, but may have a screen that is not anti-glare. A privacy screen can fix that problem by creating a matte finish that the sun can not glare off of; allowing students to see and learn in a new setting.

If you would like to learn more about how privacy filters can fit into your classroom or testing environment, contact your Academic Technology Expert today!
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