Ready, Willing, and Resilient: Enabling Success with VMware

Enabling mission success with future-ready IT

Creating a Dynamic Technology Foundation with VMware

Mission readiness requires not only mastering the challenges of today, but always being ready for what might come next. On the technology front, this means solutions that are agile and elastic, ensuring the design and delivery of agency services can quickly adaptive to ever-evolving community needs.

What does it mean for agency IT?

Technology needs don’t stand still, and new problems demand new priorities. Agencies are now working overtime to find ways to adjust:

  • Ensuring continuity of operations beyond the data center. Institutions must be able to quickly respond to quickly changing needs by ensuring agency employees can work safely and securely from any location – office, home, or in the classroom – and users can access services on demand.
  • Building for seamless integration into the multicloud future. The one-way march to the cloud has been replaced by the need to move workloads between private, public, and on-premises environments. Services and infrastructure must be portable and manageable across multiple environments with minimal retooling and maximum elasticity.
  • New network needs must be met with streamlined simplicity. Institutions can’t afford to accumulate new platforms, creating skills gaps and infrastructure gaps that drive unnecessary cost and complexity. In an increasingly software-defined world, technology teams must be able to quickly stand up and scale new networks, provision applications, and enable new services with a clear and consistent strategy.
  • Application, data, and technology workloads must be managed with maximum agility. Traditionally, the development and delivery of applications inside the agency has resulted in siloed structures and teams, where success relies on complicated hand- offs and cross-team coordination. The modern development paradigm brings those who build and those who run together: one team, one view, and the ability to quickly pivot, add capacity or shift strategies as needed.
  • Everything must be secured with layered defense at depth. New capabilities are worthless without robust security and privacy. A dynamic, intrinsic security strategy enables agencies to proactively protect the agency from endpoint to edge, securing information and assets from both evolving threats, unexpected user behavior, and emerging real-world risks.
A critical challenge, and an urgent opportunity:

Every agency is on its own technology path. Some agencies may be more or less prepared for shocks to the system that expose the need for greater IT resilience. At the same time constituent expectations continue to become more demanding, influenced by student application experiences. The march toward modernization can’t be avoided, but the pace and the path can be controlled. With VMware, agencies can enable remote workloads and application access and create a more resilient IT infrastructure while minimizing complexity and churn. Agency leaders, working closely with their technology teams, can invest in solutions that drive the robust readiness that will be key to managing what comes next.

Enabling scalable and productive remote work:

Ensuring students and staff have easy and secure access to the right applications is hard enough in a traditional workplace, putting a tremendous burden on both users and IT. The challenges of mobile collaboration and continuity multiply those risks. By virtualizing a complete desktop experience, VMware Workspace ONE simplifies the task. Users get unified, easy access to the tools they need across multiple devices, while IT consolidates the entire endpoint lifecycle, from provisioning through device recovery and reset if needed.

Driving IT resiliency and diversity:

The VMware cloud platform gives schools a smarter path forward. Leveraging the skills and solutions your teams are already using, VMware creates a critical consistency in how workloads and data are managed, creating a single platform optimized for multiple destinations at once. And when unexpected or short-term needs drive demand for added or localized capacity, VeloCloud SD-WAN enables institutions to quickly scale and adapt.

Designing simpler, smarter networks:

VMware NSX gives agencies a better platform for defining and delivering on a software-defined future. A streamlined, extensible platform for connecting virtualized networks, workspaces, and cloud environments. All with common management and security tools that let institutions focus on quickly building and delivering out new sites and services, worrying about mission first, technology second.

Reducing security risks of remote work:

VMware meets this need with a full-featured, fullstack intrinsic security solution that protects your institution from all angles: remote workspace to network to data center to operation center and back. With a holistic approach that includes capabilities like NSX data center segmentation and Carbon Black’s hyperintelligent endpoint protection institutions get unprecedented capabilities to protect student and employee data by securing your environment at every level so you can focus on your mission.

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