Red Hat Enterprise Linux

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As a Red Hat partner, ScholarBuys can help support your Linux environment. Red Hat Enterprise Linux is the leading open source platform for modern datacenters. This software supports all major hardware platforms, thousands of commercial and custom applications, including military-grade security and 99.999% up-time.


Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server runs on highly scalable, multi-core systems that support the most demanding workloads. It manages underlying system complexity for you so that you get high performance with minimal management overhead.


Red Hat Enterprise Linux includes KVM-based virtualization capabilities, and can serve as a host for virtual guests or it can run as a guest on supported hypervisors, including Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, VMware, or Microsoft Hyper-V. The performance of Red Hat Enterprise Linux as a guest is nearly the same as performance on physical machines for many workloads.


Red Hat Enterprise Linux delivers military-grade security technologies such as Security Enhanced Linux (SELinux) to prevent intrusions and protect your data. From network firewall control to secure containers for application isolation, Red Hat Enterprise Linux is one of the most secure operating systems available.

Image of Red Hat application infrastructure

Want to learn more? The ScholarBuys team can help scope out your environment and find the right Red Hat licensing for your needs.
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