Sales Champ February 2016

Congratulations to our February 2016 Sales Champ, Michael Heap!

February proved to be a culmination of months of work and service to schools. Michael was also Sales Champ in January, March, June, August, and September of 2015; making this the sixth time he has earned the title of Sales Champ.
Image of ScholarBuys employee Michael Heap with the sales champ title

Staying Focused

Michael showed true focus and perseverance after working on a project with a school district for six months. He worked with the third largest school district in North Carolina. They were looking to add Windows and Office Pro Plus onto their existing Microsoft Agreement. Michael explored the different options and found the best possible fit for them to move forward.

As for his technology focus, Michael made sure to stay updated on new models of Chromebooks and created bundles to best fit a classroom’s needs for 1:1 learning.

Quality Sales Rep

Michael used his expert knowledge to make sure he found the best solution for schools. To help schools gain knowledge about their product, Michael would sometimes set up calls with the manufacturer. During these calls Michael would assist the school in getting their questions answered. To stay up to date himself, Michael makes sure to continually research the current trends and versions of technology becoming available for education and checking up on releases and licensing updates to keep schools informed.


Michael made sure to always respond to customer emails and phone calls as soon as possible. If he does not have the solution right away he lets them know he is working on it and keeps them updated throughout the process and answers any questions they may have. He also provides exceptional communication by keeping customers updated on any specials that are being offered in the current month.

“In February I was most excited to promote the new 2016 Lenovo Chromebook model the N22 which will start shipping in Mid-March. We had a lot of success with the N21 and I feel the N22 will be even better.”

Success Story

Michael worked with a small Catholic school in Tennessee to get the school started with Chromebooks and Charging Carts. This school was very excited to be implementing this new technology and Michael made sure he found the perfect solution for their educational needs.

“Being sales champ means that I know I went above and beyond to assist my customers with all their technology needs for their schools. No matter if it was a annual renewal, a new Chromebook customer, or an existing customer looking for new solutions.”

Reach out to Michael or one of our other knowledgeable sales reps for assistance with your technology projects!
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