Samsung Chromebook Buyback

Samsung Chromebook Series 3 are reaching End of Life. We will buy them back from you!
Samsung Chromebook 

Models Going End of Life

  1. Samsung Chromebook Series 3
  2. Samsung Chromebook XE303

What does it mean for a Chromebook to reach End of Life?

  • When a device reaches End of Life or Auto Update Expiration, it means that model will no longer receive automatic software updates from Google
  • The device will be considered obsolete, meaning you may be unable to purchase more of the same model and the device is no longer being produced
  • Education customers that have passed the Auto Update Expiration will no longer receive full support from the Google Cloud and Google for Education teams
  • Education customers may also find that they are unable to manage devices as expected through the Google Admin console

How does the Buyback process work?

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The process is simple! Let us know how many of the Chromebook you have, and we will send you a quote for how much they are worth. If you choose to have them purchased, you get a shipping label, pack them up and send them in. The data is wiped from the devices. As long as they still power on and have an uncracked display, you will receive the quoted credit for the device. All quotes are valid for 30 days. Once all devices are processed you will receive a check in the mail for your earnings!

Please contact one of our education technology experts for more information about Device Buyback.
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