ScholarBuys Device Buyback Program

ScholarBuys has just launched a new Device Buyback program for schools!

What is the Buyback Program?

ScholarBuys will work with you to buy back devices that your institution no longer needs. Our team will provide you with a quote of what your devices are worth. This quote is valid for 30 days. If you accept the quote and would like to sell your devices for the quoted value we will then send you a link to print UPS labels to send your devices in for processing.

What kind of devices does ScholarBuys accept?

ScholarBuys will accept most devices. Laptops, Chromebooks, iPads, tablets and more can all be recycled as part of our program. The only criteria for the device is that it must have an uncracked screen and still power on.
Image showing a Chromebooks, Tablet, and Cellphone

What happens to the devices once they are shipped?

Once the devices are shipped they are processed. Each device is checked for an uncracked screen and to make sure it still powers on. All data is wiped from the devices. If the devices do not match the criteria then the device is recycled.

Image of Buyback benefit checkmarks

How does it work?

Step 1: Contact ScholarBuys and provide the quantity of devices and model and we will provide a quote valid for 30 days
Step 2: If you accept the quote, you will receive a unique URL to request shipping labels (pictured). This URL can be used at any time to send in devices with or without a quote
Step 3: Package and ship your devices! If you have a large amount of devices and need to make sure they are sent in before the 30 days is up, someone can come pack and palletize the devices.
Step 4: Once the devices are received all the data will be wiped from the device. They will be checked to make sure they turn on and that the screen is not cracked.

Image of ScholarBuys Buyback request form

If you have any devices you’d like us to buy back or if you’d like to consider a Chromebook refresh, contact your Academic Technology Expert!
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