Simplifying Endpoint Protection with VMware

Getting More from Less: Simplifying endpoint security with a cloud-delivered platform


Eliminate Multi-vendor Complexity and Agent Fatigue

While most endpoint security programs require multiple siloed systems that burden end users and complicate management, VMware Carbon Black Cloud provides a single consolidated platform, supporting multiple endpoint security needs. Although some AV vendors have begun to use cloud-based consoles, they aren’t taking full advantage of the cloud for security analysis and operations. Additionally, other vendors call themselves a “platform” but actually operate as a suite of separate products. Unlike these solutions, our cloud native platform delivers multiple services using a single lightweight sensor, enabling organizations to consolidate security products. A centralized, unified console provides professionals access to numerous capabilities and the complete dataset.

This platform makes it easy to deploy multiple security services without compromising endpoint performance. There is no need to purchase or stand up onsite infrastructure, and our out-of-the-box policies are easily customized to fit any environment. Additionally, when an organization decides that it is time to expand their security capabilities, they can seamlessly add new features without new infrastructure sensors or deployment costs.

VMware Carbon Black Cloud automatically adapts to new attacks, so endpoints remain protected without requiring manual updates. Gone is the burden of constantly distributing large signature updates. Our automatic protection against the latest, most advanced threats gives organizations access to new and updated features as soon as they are released.

Strengthen Security Posture

When security tools can work together, they provide more visibility, more context and ultimately better overall protection. Unlike traditional solutions that exist in silos, our platform is an extensible platform built on open APIs, elegantly integrating with the rest of a company’s security stack. Pre-built integrations are available for many industry-leading solution providers such as IBM, Splunk, LogRhythm, ForeScout and more. This shared visibility drives a common understanding of issues across security and IT teams, decreasing friction and simplifying workflows. Security and IT professionals can extract more value from their data by adding context that other solutions lack. Access to unfiltered data speeds up investigation and analysis, leading to identification and remediation of more attacks.

Beyond integrations, data collected from the endpoint can be exported quickly out of the platform’s data pipeline for use with customer-specific integrations and custom processing. Open APIs further allow organizations to build custom dashboards for integrated management and reporting, and create new workflows that support and enhance their security programs. When security tools are operationally unified, an organization’s overall security posture can improve dramatically, reducing dwell time and risk.

Services Delivered Through VMware Carbon Black Cloud

NGAV and behavioral EDR

The VMware Carbon Black NGAV and behavioral EDR solution uses machine learning and behavioral models to analyze endpoint data and uncover malicious activity to stop all types of attacks before they reach critical systems.

VMware offers powerful, flexible prevention that is able to stop malware ransomware and non-malware attacks. It prevents these attacks automatically, whether the endpoint is online or offline, from anywhere in the world, and is able to keep up with the always changing threat landscape to block emerging never-before-seen attacks that other solutions may miss. VMware’s industry-leading detection and response capabilities reveal threat activity in real time, so organizations can respond to any type of attack as soon as it’s identified. The root cause of an attack can be uncovered in minutes through visualizations that show every stage of the attack with easy-to-follow attack chain details. VMware Carbon Black Cloud Endpoint™ Standard lets administrators immediately triage alerts by isolating endpoints, denylisting applications or terminating processes. Professionals can secure shell into any endpoint on or off the network to perform full investigations and recommendations remotely.

Alert Monitoring and Triage

The VMware Carbon Black managed alert monitoring and triage service provides customers with a world-class professional team of VMware security experts who work side by side with organizations that need more resources to validate and prioritize alerts, uncover new threats and accelerate investigations.

The VMware U.S.-based experts analyze, validate and prioritize alerts from VMware Carbon Black Cloud, helping to ensure that companies don’t miss the threats that matter. The service provides additional, human-generated context to alerts, such as connecting alerts caused by the same root cause, to help streamline investigations and resolve security issues. VMware threat experts proactively identify trends by monitoring threat activity across millions of endpoints, providing advice on widespread attacks and retroactively detecting and confirming emerging threats based on iterative discovery techniques. Monthly reports summarize alert data, turning a month’s worth of unfiltered data into actionable recommendations that help security professionals see the bigger picture and continually improve efficacy.

Enterprise EDR

VMware Carbon Black® Cloud Enterprise EDR,™ is the threat hunting and incident response (IR) solution, delivers continuous visibility for top security operations centers and IR professionals.

Investigations that typically take days or weeks can be completed in just minutes. Carbon Black Cloud Enterprise EDR correlates and visualizes comprehensive information about endpoint events, giving IT and security professionals greater visibility into their environments. The solution’s sophisticated detection enables indicators of compromise (IoC) monitoring with your choice of threat intel, including your own custom feeds. This solution extends the automated recognition of tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) in Carbon Black Cloud Endpoint Standard with deep investigation data and tools to help understand current attacks as well as longer-term attack patterns. With threat hunting on the VMware Carbon Black Cloud, professionals have the power to respond and remediate in real time, stopping active attacks and repairing damage quickly.

Audit and Remediation

VMware Carbon Black® Cloud Audit and Remediation,™ is the real-time assessment and remediation solution, enables security and IT teams to assess and change system state to harden their environment against the most relevant threats. This allows teams to effortlessly benchmark their devices, workloads and containers against industry standards or regulations from a single console to help minimize risk and simplify operational reporting across the entire fleet.

Carbon Black Cloud Audit and Remediation gives administrators visibility into the most precise details about the current state of all endpoints. It automates operational reporting on patch levels and assesses IT hygiene. When combined with the VMware threat hunting capabilities, Carbon Black Cloud Audit and Remediation provides an unprecedented level of visibility to speed investigation and threat hunting.

VMware Carbon Black Cloud leverages unfiltered data across all of its security products to provide customers with a simplified way to manage endpoint security. Learn more about how ScholarBuys and VMware can help your institution take the next step in keeping campus secure.

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